Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Long time, no post...

...err, here's my latest journal entry from DeviantArt:

"Who Keeps Putting These Road Blocks In My Way?

Good news:

My flat now has heating and insulation.

I'm working, part time, but better than nothing. (lol)

I've fallen in love with someone I never want to let go of.

Bad news:

My landlord has put my rent up to cover the cost of the heaters that were fitted.

I've been at my job for 7 weeks and still haven't been paid. (¬.¬ paperwork issues, would you believe, though payroll assures me that I'm definitely getting paid by week 8, pah, so much for 4 weekly pay!)

My love lives so far away, it'll take me 2 days to reach him by public transport and in the almost 6 months we've been dating, I've not been able to afford to visit him. On top of that, for the last 6 weeks he's been ill, the Drs still haven't figured out what's wrong with him, let alone manage to figure out how to treat him -.- I'm worried and hate being so far away from him.


I seriously need to figure out a way to turn my life around.
*stamps foot* and I want to be there for my man!

*roots around for mythical instruction manual, finds an empty sketch book*"

Lazy, yes. My excuse is, I have a headache.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Clarification on some cat wormers and flea drops.

This subject has been bugging me for some time now, I feel like one of the rare people who actually reads ingredients lists on stuff. Over time the recipes on near enough everything gets "improved" one way or another. Now, I'm going to cover the subject, Drontal cat worming tablets versus Bob Martin cat worming tablets, Droncit cat working drops versus Bob Martin cat dewormer drops and finally Advantage cat flea drops versus Bob Martin double action cat and small dog flea drops... there is no versus, read the ingredients on the Bayer website for those products, make a note, then check them against the relevant Bob Martin products I've just mentioned. This is because Bob Martin acquired the rights to sell Drontal, Droncit and Advantage under their own labels.
I was stupidly getting frustrated by the brick wall attitude from various people in person and on pet care forums of how you should implicitly trust the products your vet supplies and that all Bob Martin products will poison your cat.
My personal opinion, read the ingredients, compare the prices. If your vet sells Drontal cheaper than your local shop sells the Bob Martin cat worming tablets, then go ahead and save money, but if the vet is gonna charge you more for the same product in a different packet, shouldn't you question that sort of thing? (if not with the vet, at least with your own common sense)
For those people who have had issues with bad reactions from the current Bob Martin products, please keep in mind the names of the veterinary labelled Bayer products when going to your vet, because if 20mg praziquantel worming drops cause your cat to froth, become lethargic, gain a rash, then surely it'll make no difference if packet says Droncit or Bob Martin.
Profender, the veterinary only, dual worming drop also contains praziquantel.

OK, rant over.
Now, go, spend your money how you want, I don't care ><

Though I do now have a weird urge to take 2 identical tins of beans, take the labels off, paint one tin red and one tin green, then ask people which taste the best.

But, I'm not quite that bored yet.
*oh, and in case anyone cares, no, i don't own a cat. know plenty of people who do though*

Friday, February 26, 2010

Building websites

i've just started building two websites one is a plan to try to get my old newi class mates all in one place (not an easy task) here and the other is because the website i had built using iWeb will be expiring in august as i can't afford Mac's MobileMe subscription any more, so i built a free website using Webs (previously Freewebs) here. i've managed to do something with this website which i hadn't with the other and that's gather together all my pages from various websites such as here, da and youtube and have them all neatly accessible.
i do have plans to add images to these sites and hopefully give them a bit of personality.
i'm having fun with the adding pages bit so far :P
i am getting in the bad habit of starting working on my websites around the time i should be going to bed and end up not getting to sleep until about 6 or 7 am, which is not good when i have things i need to do during the day.

i'd best get to sleep now, i've got laundry that needs doing tomorrow and the last wash at the laundrette is 2:30pm
tomorrow, i shall be zombie ><


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Still here, lurking...

Well thanks to Grandad, my flat is pretty well furnished. I still have lots of things in boxes, I get bored of sorting through stuff :P The downsides to this flat are the tenancy renewal fees, which were every 6 months, I've managed to sort this tenancy for 12 months, and electric wall heaters instead of central heating. Those things don't half burn through electric so, with being skint, I've had to do without heating for most of this winter (spring's still cold enough too ><). Therefore, it has been decided that this time next year I need to have found somewhere else to live (and saved up the cash for the deposit and month's rent in advance). I still need to get a better job, this recession ass is not helping. The job needs to pay well enough so that I don't have to rely on benefits from the council for rent and council tax and can actually afford to heat the place and feed myself too ^^ meh, loosing hope on that so far.

I've got my 2 rats and 4 finches keeping me company, thankfully they're better at coping with this cold weather than I am. Though, their tactics are pretty much the same as mine, which is hiding in bed.
I remember it being cold when I moved in here, and that was March. I'm really looking forward to the weather warming up.

*need hugs for warmth*

Saturday, May 16, 2009


yes, it's true.
i'm not homeless and i'm not sofa surfing, i'm not even living with friends or relatives, i am now renting a flat of my own ^^
many would say it's about damn time :D and i would agree.

though living all by myself can be damn lonely, minion passing on didn't help, but i do still have my crazy little finches keeping me company. i've started leaving their cage door open so they can get some exercise, for the 1st week of that they wouldn't come out of the cage, now tho i have a job getting the little buggers to go back in, especially on washing day when i want my airer back, mind you, since i've moved their cage so they can see out of the window their quite happy sitting on top of the cage in between mad flights around my head, until i empty the airer again ^^

my next issue is internet access, as this is quite sporadic at the moment, though i may be able to fix the issue come september.

in other news, i've finally got round to getting my lightbox back from a friend whom i'd lent it to, i had been too damn lazy to ask for it back, but i want to get back into using it, i'm thinking, if i can get myself a cheap webcam i can set up a rostrum type thing and might actually be able to animate with it.
so, for one week i may have to forgo the food shopping for a webcam. hmmmm.....


Saturday, February 28, 2009

On the move again

sometimes i do think i'd be better off learning to drive and getting myself a caravan, and then i remind myself that not only do i like to collect things such as books, but also pets, and between my books, the zebra finches, the hamster and the fish tank, i don't think there'd be enough space left in a caravan for me.
so, currently i'm trying for the flat option.
i have to find somewhere as i've been asked to leave where i am.
i am quite lucky in that if i utterly fail at this whole flat hunting business there's a sofa for me at my grandparents, though i will most likely have to donate most of my belongings to charity, well, that what's worth actually donating.
it's a sad state when you actually start valuing all your belongings, trying to see if you can scrape some extra cash from somewhere and find you have very little of value. (though, quite amusing when hunting for contents insurance quotes, a new responsibility i've yet to experience)
the device i'm using right now is the most expensive of my possessions, though i'm still hoping it holds the key (or at least one of them) to my long term future, so, i'm not quite ready to part with it just yet.
so, yes, a nice cup of tea, a little more packing for the night, a good nights rest and a very busy day filled with more packing, my plans for the immediate future ^^

hehe, even if i do end up sofa bound my grandparents have got an internet connection.
my sporadic bloggings can continue :D

*hugs and happy thoughts*

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Monday, January 12, 2009

9 months in a nutshell

well, i finished my degree, passed it too ^^
and since then i've been continuing my part time job in a small pet shop.
i was hoping i'd be able to rent a flat nearer to where i work i) to save transport costs and ii) to be within walking distance of scenic green areas i can wander and chill in, but my low income prevents me from being able to meet the deposit and 1 months rent in advance thing.
at one point i thought i was going to have to move to my grandparents as transport to and from work was getting so expensive, but then i discovered cheap weekly bus tickets, which was handy as it turned out my grandparents don't actually have space to put me up, no matter how much nanna wants me to be nearer to the family, i need my own place, not a sofa, i've done that one already.
my current goal is to build up the funds so i can finally rent a place of my own, rather than a room in someone elses house.